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Become the best office space of the year

The perfect office space keeps employees happy at work by spreading the corporate culture through the entire workspace. Having a modern, healthy and attractive office not only improves employee performance; it is also an efficient tool for recruiting new talents. This main category assesses the attractiveness of your working environment and evaluates whether the employees feel comfortable in the premises.

Special Awards

Next to granting the 'Office Space of the Year' Award, the Jury will dedicate 5 Special Awards to the premises that stand out in one of the following categories:

  • Best lobby

    Making a great first impression through your lobby or reception is one of the major key to being a successful and welcoming company! This category assesses the attractiveness of your reception area. Which first impression would you like to leave on clients and employees ?

  • Wellness

    A wellness and relaxation area, a sport complex, large windows that make your workspace bright? If your company possesses one of those, it surely improves your employees’ well-being at work and enhances their performance. Show us your healthy touch.

  • Technology-advanced office

    A modern office space fitted out with the most innovative technology and smart solutions helps the company to be more successful by making employees’ work easier. For this category we are looking for companies that are proud of their modern technologies, innovative ideas and emphasises on sustainable solutions.

  • Small office

    Are you a company with up to 30 employees and up to 500 sqm of office space? If so, you might be interested in the following! This category evaluates the attractiveness of the workplace of small companies or start-ups.

  • Public voting

    All registered companies will be automatically included in this category. This category evaluates offices from the public’s point of view. The public voting award will be offered to the company who has got the most likes on our official Instagram page. How attractive is your workspace?

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The Winners

EVS Broadcast Equipment - Office Space of the Year 2018

On top of gathering all employees under one single roof, the new headquarter had to answer to a lot of specific needs, including large amount of technology equipment, an assembling line, R&D open cells or training rooms. Most of the employees have a direct view on the wooden environment of Sart-Tilman. All the touches of colors in the building reflect the passionate side of the company and its employees. People have been put at the center of the project, with facilities to promote sports, a nap room, a nice restaurant with fresh fruits available and a great terrace for summertime or a central coffee corner to foster informal discussions, all those around the central atrium and illuminated by its large skylight. A special attention to limit the impact on the environment was obvious, with many energy-saving methods, such as “free cooling” to cool premises, low-energy lighting and recuperation of the heat generated by the servers (for heating).

"It's a great reward for a company like ours where our employees are the main value." says Muriel De Lathouwer, CEO EVS Broadcast Equipment. "Our new building brings a certain sense of well-being to our employees. It is in line with our corporate culture. We developed a new way of working which includes exchanges between collaborators. Finally, beyond the salary package and the working environment, we also offer concert tickets, profit share or a whole series of promotional activities to our employees."

Muriel De Lathouwer
CEO EVS Broadcast Equipment


Het Facilitair Bedrijf (Vlaamse-overheid)

Best Lobby





AXA Belgium

Technology-advanced office


Euclid Law

Small office


Fosbury & Sons

Co-working space


Buzzy Nest

Public voting

Alexander Hodac



Jean-Michel Jaspers


Jaspers-Eyers Architects

Laurence Vanhée

Chief Happiness Officer

Happy Performance

Xavier Attout


Trends Tendances

The Jury

The professional jury consists of highly reputable experts from the real estate, human resources and communication sector.
They will bring together their expertise and experience to be the warrants of the selection process of the finalists and ultimately select the winner of each category.

The jury members of the CBRE Office Space of the Year competition will not only evaluate the pictures of the premises but also the description and characteristics provided through the registration form.

The selection of the finalists will be based on the following criteria:

Maxime Kumpen




Visual artist

Winner Prizes

Discover our prestigious prizes 

Exclusive Award

This award will certify the quality of your office space and your dedication towards your employees and clients.

10,000 €  VITRA 

The winner of the main category "Office Space of the Year"  will win a voucher worth € 10,000 in the VITRA furniture range.

Panton Vitra Chair

The Winner of the Public Voting will win a customised VITRA Panton chair designed by C.A.S.H

Contest Schedule

12 Jan 2018

Opening of the registration

11 Apr 2018

Closing of the registration

23 Apr 2018

Announcement of the finalists

03 May 2018

Announcement of the winner

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